mossy rocks

Link Earth with the Net of Light    –  10th October 2014

While visiting a Carmelite shrine in northern Indiana last week, it came to me how important it is to salute the sanctity of Mother Earth wherever we are. Making a link between Earth and the Net of Light needs to be done by all of us, done all over the world. When I asked the Grandmothers about this, they replied, “You are link pins for the great Game of Light. It’s time to play this game, and all who desire to play are welcome.

“Even though most of humanity is asleep to this fact,” the Grandmothers said, “Earth is sacred and you too are sacred. However,” they said, “This is not what you’ve been taught. You’ve been taught that the earth is inert matter. And you’ve been told that you’re unworthy, told you are not enough. None of it is true!” they cried. “The earth is alive! You are enough! You are worthy! And, what’s more, you have a job to do! It’s time to re-connect Mother Earth with the Net of Light,” the Grandmothers declared. “These links must be made everywhere and they must be made now.

“Earth herself is sacred and has always been so. So too are you. You are here at this time to be a link pin, a conduit for the Divine. You are the middleman so-to-speak, the one needed to make the connection between Earth and heaven, between the so-called ‘mundane’ and the Divine. You are the link. There is no other,”they declared, and training their eyes on mine, said, “It’s time for you to get to work.

“Wherever you are, the earth under your feet is sacred. Earth is a life-giver and as such, it is full of light. However, over time Earth has become so burdened by mankind’s negativity and confusion that now it needs to be reconnected with divinity. Humanity must reach out and make this connection.” The Grandmothers laughed when they saw my shocked look.”You will be relieved to learn that this task is not difficult,” they said.

“Begin by asking us to show you a specific spot on Earth that is calling out for this sacred connection. This is an area that wants to be revivified. It may be a place you already know or one you’ve never thought of. It may be a very small spot, perhaps only several inches wide. Whatever its size, it will serve as an acupuncture point on the body of Mother Earth.

“If this is a place near to where you live, go to it. Go to it physically if you can and if you can’t do that, go to it in your mind. Then call on us or call on any form of the Divine you love and move into the center of your heart. Here you will experience your lighted connection with us and with all those who work with the Net of Light. From the lighted center of your heart, cast the Net of Light to this place and experience as the Net anchors itself deeply there. It will do so immediately. After that, sit quietly and ask that the effulgence of the Net of Light bless this area and awaken it to its own radiant purpose within the great Cosmic Web.

“The entire earth is waiting for this connection to be made. Every bit of your beloved planet is waiting to be called home to the Net of Light. As soon as you help make a connection, the sacred energy of each of these places will feed into the Net of Light, strengthening it so it can better do its job of supporting your planet during the times of change that are upon you.

“It’s time for Mother Earth to once again be fully lit. Humankind needs the earth and the earth needs you. This is good, good work we are giving you,” the Grandmothers said. “Begin it today. You may do this once, for one particular place on earth, or you may do it again and again for many places. This particular job,” they said, “is one you cannot over-do.”

Then they looked into my eyes and said, “We are standing by to assist and support you as you begin to make these connections.”