Who are the Grandmothers?

The Great Council of the Grandmothers appeared to Sharon McErlane one morning as she walked her dog on the beach.

These wise elders who represent all cultures and races on Earth said, “With culture so long dominated by Yang, the principle of masculine energy, Yin, the principle of feminine energy, has become deficient and weak. Woman is cut off from her sense of power and purpose, which comprise her beauty. Feeling this lack, she then seeks outer confirmation of her identity and worth.

“No matter how many ‘confirmations’ of her beauty, her power, and purpose she receives, yet she feels the lack. This is because feminine energy cannot be conferred from the outside. Yin is. It exists for its own sake. Seeking it will only confuse the seeker.

“In order to confirm woman from within herself and awaken man to the comforting presence within himself, the Great Council of the Grandmothers has come. We are here to restore Yin, the feminine energy, to full beauty/power so the world can come to balance. We empower women and comfort men, awakening both of them to the feminine principle. Each one who receives what we have come to give helps turn the energy on Earth from imbalance to harmony. These people become a walking blessing upon the Earth.”

The Grandmothers’ message is life-altering—taking us from a state of helplessness to empowerment and confidence –confidence not in the small self we have been told we are, but in the Great Self we really are.

We are frequently presented with images of a world out of harmony — environmental degradation, political corruption, escalating violence and increasing inequality and disenfranchisement around the globe. The Grandmothers say these are symptoms of imbalance, an imbalance caused by too much Yang and not enough Yin. “The present imbalance of energy on earth has placed all life in danger. It is time to return to balance. And for this, women must lead.”

“When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal” —Hopi Prophecy


You can read the full story of Sharon’s encounter and the teaching of The Grandmothers in her published books:

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