Join us for the 2017 Gathering!

On 12 – 14th May 2017 we will come together once again to create some space in our busy lives, call in the energy of the Divine Feminine and offer healing prayers for our families, our communities and the globe. Sharon McErlane – founder of the Net of Light movement and author of 3 books about the Grandmothers – will join us from California to lead the weekend. Since our first ever UK Gathering in May 2015 the number of local groups in the UK has increased and the reach of this work is widening, and it is needed more than ever.

WE ARE FULLY BOOKED , you can attend other gatherings this year. have a look on Other events this year

What happens at a Gathering?

The focus of a Gathering is on our personal and shared experience of the energy of the Divine Feminine in the form of  ‘The Grandmothers’. We’ll explore and connect with this in many different ways – through meditation, in song, in dance and through heartfelt sharing and while it is an intensely personal experience there is always a focus on the part we play in this world that we share. In a recent newsletter the Grandmothers urged: “Give love and comfort whenever you can; hold a place of peace in an un-peaceful world. You will become a walking blessing upon the earth. This is what is needed now and THIS is what you were born for.”

Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome at this Gathering: young or old, male or female, whether or not you’ve ever attended a group before you will be most welcome! People come from all walks of life but all are likely to feel some calling to be of service, or have deep questions about how we live our lives or be ready for change and a deeper understanding. This is what the Grandmothers offer: a new understanding of who we are and how we may live lives in balance and harmony with all around us. As they said recently: “We have come to return the world to balance.

What is the purpose?

The UK is going through a period of major change in its political and social affairs just as the world is reaching crisis point on so many fronts with widespread ecological, political and social disruption and disharmony. It is easy to feel there is nothing that we can do in the face of so many problems yet the Grandmothers always show us how our moments of prayer and awareness make a real difference. Through its history the UK is intimately bound up with the affairs of the whole globe, so the healing and reconciliation we offer at this Gathering will have a widespread impact. Join us in the beautiful Peak District on May 12 – 14th 2017 to find out for yourself.

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WE ARE FULLY BOOKED , you can attend other gatherings this year. have a look on Other events this year